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Corso's Cookies Halloween Treats Decorated Cookies

A 20-Year-Old

Join our growing list of retailers and start selling our unique, one-of-a-kind cookies to your customers, too!

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As seen in:

the Corso's Cookies Difference

not all cookies are created equal.

Corso's Cookies Halloween Mummy
Corso's Cookies Party Animals Elephant



All of our cookies, no matter what product line you choose, are individually wrapped for easy, SAFE sharing among customers.

All of our cookies are produced and packaged in a 100% Peanut and Tree Nut-Free facility, making our cookies great for kids!

Corso's Cookies Hanukkah Snowman
Corso's Cookies Pink Monster


We operate a Kosher Certified facility allowing
our cookies to be placed on more shelves in more places!


There is a unique, one-of-a-kind design on every delicious cookie that any child will fall in love with (maybe even mom
and dad, too!)

Why choose us?

For 20 years, the largest retailers, theme parks, and online gift companies have turned to Corso’s Cookies to differentiate their offerings from the competition.

Our Commitment

  • We are an SQF Level 2 Facility with an
    Excellent rating

  • We have experience working with the nation's largest retailers

  • Our product is unlike any of our competitors

  • People love our cookies!

Corso's Cookies Bakery Team
Corso's Cookies Wholesale Color-a-Treat™ Kits

Item shown is our Cute Critters Decorated Sugar Cookie Pail.

Corso's Cookies Decorated Cookies in the lunchroom at school

The Proof is in the Cookies!

Our cookies are loved by kids of all ages, making a multipack a great option for your customers. Now, they can pick up something for everyone at home!

Corso's Cookies Easter Chick


We have our own proprietary technology that allows us to create eye-catching, vibrant designs on our cookies. It opens the door for us to work with licensors and retailers to tailor designs specifically for their brand - the possibilities are endless! 

Corso's Cookies Valentine's Monster


The results are in! As we grow, so does the desire for our cookies. We take great care in managing our cookie flavor profile, making sure your customer always receives the same sweet, delicious experience.

Corso's Cookies Characters


We took the time to curate an adorable set of characters that are easily recognizable. Because they're our own IP, customers will be excited to see what's next with each one and can feel confident that they can get another princess or dinosaur for their loved one.

Product Lines

Not every store or location has the same capabilities or space. We took that into consideration when we created our three different product lines. From individually wrapped cookies, multi-packs or coloring kits - we are sure that we have a product that will make your customers' shopping experience a memorable one!

Corso's Cookies Once Upon A Time 24 Count Cookies
  • Five different everyday options to choose from

  • A different set of characters for each season

  • Ships ambient as two 12-count, retail-ready trays

  • All cookies are individually wrapped for easy, safe sharing and shopping

  • Each SKU has its own unique UPC to help track inventory across multiple designs

24-Count Cases

Make Your Mark.

There are many do-it-yourself kits on the market, from icing your own cookies to building a gingerbread house. One thing that sets our product apart from the rest is our food coloring markers. They are filled with food-grade edible ink that works perfectly on our royal icing for coloring your favorite storybook character. Our markers are ready to go out of the box. They outlast the cookies and can be used to color various things like Easter eggs! We have seven different colors to choose from.

Color-a-Treat™ Orange Marker
Color-a-Treat Marker Cap
Color-a-Treat™ Yellow Marker
Color-a-Treat Marker Cap
Color-a-Treat™ Lime Green Marker
Color-a-Treat Marker Cap

Our markers work great on a variety of surfaces. Each marker tip comes to a soft point, perfect for fine details or floods of color. Hover over the markers to view the tip!

It's a Private Label Thing.

Our proprietary printing technology allows us to respond to trends in the market almost instantly. More importantly, our technology gives us ultimate creative control allowing us to print just about anything we want on a cookie – including your logo. We have partnered with some of the largest Convenience and Retail Stores in the world to bring a unique, exclusive private label product to their customers. Between us and your team, we are sure we can come up with a design that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Corso's Cookies Vanilla Sugar Cookie
  • Create your own, unique artwork that customers will only find in YOUR store.

  • Brand all the way down to the character by adding your logo right to the artwork.

  • No design team? No problem – we have a talented and dedicated team that can work with you to create your design.

Corso's Cookies Private Label Products
  • Choose to brand the packaging and flow wrap to tie the whole product together

  • We also offer generic boxes and flow wrap to let the design of the cookie stand out

Private Label