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As a kid growing up in Syracuse, New York, Tina Corso loved baking cookies. She also loved creating art, from painting t-shirts to making her own jewelry and, of course, decorating cookies to share with friends and family.

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From humble beginnings, working out of her home kitchen, at the age of 25, Tina pursued her child­hood passion and started her own cookie company in 2002. Customers were initially attracted to the decorating, but after tasting them, they told their friends about Corso's Cookies.

Tina Corso with her first Corso's Cookies Orders

It wasn't long before Tina had customers lining up to buy her delicious treats and, putting smiles on their faces that grew with every bite!

Corso's Cookies in store
Corso's Cookies in Disney
Corso's cookies in store

By 2006 word had spread beyond Syracuse about Corso’s Cookies. Soon both regional and national retailers would start to inquire about selling Corso’s Cookies to their customers.

Corso's Cookies unicorn

Today, Corso’s Cookies is filled with a passionate team of bakers, decorators and packagers, all dedicated to producing cookies that will put a smile on your face too!

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