Winter Holiday Decorated Cookies


Adorably decorated and irresistibly delicious, Corso’s famous decorated sugar cookies, are sure to make a big impression at your next party or special event.  These buttery sugar cookies are baked from scratch and decorated with a delicious vanilla royal icing. Whether it’s a holiday or special occasion, our decorated sugar cookies are sure to make everyone smile.


Santa Cookie - 12CT

Ho! Ho! Ho! It just isn’t Christmas without Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick. These are a must have for your Christmas cookie exchange.


Reindeer Cookie - 12CT

Don't forget to pack these Reindeer cookies in your sleigh to bring along to your next holiday party!
Spreading the joy of the Christmas season, your "deer" family and friends will surely love them.


Christmas Tree Cookie - 12CT

Ornate detail is overflowing on our beautiful Evergreen cookies. Gathering with friends and family? They’ll be delighted that you shared these decadent treats.


Snowman Cookie - 12CT

Our smiling snowman cookies will melt your heart this winter! Bring these along to your holiday or office party.


Hanukkah Present Cookie - 12CT

Celebrate the 8 day Festival of Lights in the most delicious way! Brighten any Hanukkah Celebration this year.

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